Our company looks forward to the future. We have decided to develop a production system based on sustainable development, using in each step of the process the best techniques available to reduce the impact of our activity in the environment. To do so, we have developed a protocol of control on parameters connected to environment, which are periodically checked to evaluate their repercussion, getting:

● A quick action in evaluating and minimazing waste,

● The reduction and control of emissions,

● The detection and prevention of possible new centres of pollution,

● The guarantee of immediate fulfilment of new legal requisites as soon as they get in force,

● The treatment of all the effluents as a precaution against a possible pollution,

● The consumption minimazing of raw materials used in the process.

● And the constant development of environmental aims and goals.

To guarantee the implementation of our environmental policy and the reaching of the set objectives, we have an Environment Management System certified according to the UNE-EN ISO 14001 regulation.

Besides, our company has signed a contract with its electricity distribution company so that we will only receive green energy in all our facilities from renewable sources whose origin is constantly certified.

To reach our aims, we base our strategy in the following objectives:

● Follow the requirements established by ISO Rule 14001:2004, which is a reference all around the world

Follow every legal requirement applied to our activity.

Promote and create knowledge in all our organization, and the responsibility that we have in all our clients and in our environment as we do our activities.

Improve the quality of our products, environmental behaviour and prevention of pollution.

Reduce and erase important environmental impacts as we always look for the improvement of our productive processes.

Industrías Avícolas Herpoga S.L está comprometida con el Medio Ambiente, tiene implantado un sistema de gestión ambiental según la normal ISO 14001. Este sistema es revisado y evaluado de forma periódica con el principal objetivo de identificar acciones para poder minimizar el impacto ambiental en el entorno que nos rodea. Durante 2021 Industrias Avícolas Herpoga S.L demostró su compromiso con la protección del Medio Ambiente, cumpliendo los siguientes objetivos:

  • · Reducción de la generación de disolventes.
  • · Reducción de la generación de cartón y plástico.

Durante el 2022 continuamos con nuestro compromiso ambiental planteándonos nuevos retos para ser cada vez una organización más sostenible.