Herpoga L.C. Poultry Industries is a company devoted to the production of eggs, whose main aim is to offer its clients a traditional food product with the highest standards of sanitary guarantee and service, based on environment respect and sustainable development.

Our activity is centered on egg production for consumption, carrying out in our own facilities the main steps of the process in order to guarantee the final product’s traceability and to control all the stages, from animal reception at birth, their feeding, comfort, lay and health as well as the responsible waste managing, product packing and shipping.

Our traceability systems allow us to get all the necessary information to offer our clients a product with the highest guarantee, taste and quality satisfying their needs and demand.


Herpoga L.C. Poultry Industries is born in 1999 in El Acebrón -a 270-inhabitant village in Cuenca province- as a family business owning small premises for broody hens.
It is soon expanded thanks to the entry of new partners until its capacity is multiplied by ten.

Nowadays, we have more than a million animals in our facilities.

Their fifteen millions of annual dozens are mainly distributed around all the national territory, exporting as well to a wide range of European and non-EU countries.

From its beginnings, we have had our cornerstones clearly set, fostering our products’ quality and reliability as a reference and working to develop a feasible and sustainable production model under the compromise towards food security, the comprehensive management of quality as essential in each process stage and the respect towards the environment. In this sense, both the rational use of resources and the management of waste are utterly certified leading to the satisfaction of clients, staff and suppliers.

Our company owns the whole productive cycle needed to offer the complete traceability and reliability of the final product to our clients.

Our facilities include:

Fodder factory. It supplies the installations and allows to have an absolute control on the feeding of all the animals in their different stages. Three quarters of the raw material used come directly from local farmers or wholesalers.

Production premises. Sections with controlled environment. All the parameters inside them such as temperature and humidity are controlled to contribute to our animals’ well-being. The feed and water distribution systems allow the animals to have access to them constantly, according to each one’s needs.

Classification and packing Centre. Its classifying machine is able to categorize 120.000 eggs in an hour. The packing systems available offer a wide range of final product presentations.