Herpoga L.C. Poultry Industries has set a System of Food Quality and Security Management based on the requirements of the international IFS protocol and the “Codex Alimentarius” for the selection, classification and packing of eggs.

This system has as its aim the satisfaction of all our customers, having as main target the guarantee of a safe and innocuous product. To reach so, all the organization is involved in getting products which set a clear difference with the rest in the market.

We devote our efforts and work to prove to our clients our concern and compromise towards quality and security to reach a guarantee of future that only competitive and forefront organizations can offer, but without ever forgetting the company culture.

The Quality System has as main aim among others:

To assure to our clients that the food quality and security management is carried out according to the current legislation and procedures as: the APPCC system, IFS certification in alimentary security (validated and certified by Applus+), ISO 14001 certification in environment (validated and certified by Applus+) and “Hen Eggs” reference of product (validated and certified by Calitax), all of them currently in force.

The constant betterment of processes, procedures and products to keep a flexible production, able to adapt to our clients’ and the current legislation’s requirements.

Conciousness-raising and motivation of our staff about the importance of implementing and developing a Food Quality and Security System aimed to guarantee the traceability and hygienic conditions of our products.